Lo-Tech 2010

So my original plan for the night was to watch the new Blu-Ray movies I bought from Amazon, but I arrived home too late from work and missed the delivery guy. So what do you do ? I can’t go to sleep, that would be a total waste of free time away from work. It’s not that I don’t have other Blu-Ray movies – In fact I think I have too many. It’s just that I feel like watching something.. something else.
Well I decided to go straight against my original plan and dust of my old 80’s low tech gear ! It was time for VHS and Super Famicom. Now I know almost everyone hates Jaws 3, but I also know that I don’t. But I don’t know why I don’t hate it, I really can’t understand it myself.
The point is ; I popped it in the second I got the VHS running. This old tape is really starting to fall apart, all underwater scenes are a complete blur of blue and grey.. But I like it this way. You can’t really tell what’s the shark and what’s just a  cliff or even just plain water. It’s all the same mess.
I also watched Alien, but everyone loves this movie. But who is stupid enough to watch it on VHS in 2010 ? Well I just did, and it’s awesome. The cover even advertises the intensity of its HI-FI STEREO sound. Who could resist ?
I don’t know if it’s just my nostalgic memories that fools me but I’ve always felt that some movies look better in crappy quality..  Take Terminator as a prime example, and I do mean Terminator 1 specifically. The grainy, blurry look of the movie gives it the perfect feeling. I bought it on Blu-Ray and everything looked so clean and tidy. Everything looked new.. Now that’s perfect for Terminator 2 but not for the first one.. It should look the way it looks on VHS. And whenever I watch T1 & T2 I always watch the first one on VHS and then the second one in Hi-Def.  Oh and as a bonus you always get that dial tone at the beginning of each tape ? The fuck is that ? I tell you what it is, it’s classic.
Anyway, I never got around to playing Grand Theft Auto either , so I figured that I should keep with the spirit of retro and play Starfox the whole night… Naked.
Because that’s the only way to beat the last stage on the hardest road.

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