Top 3 greatest TV moments

1. The voodoo penis
Some guy is doing a travel program about a Voodoo tribe. So he’s in this jungle with his cameraman performing a ritual where they’ve turned his penis inside out. They’ve somehow managed to turn it inside out going INTO his body. So this guy is really starting to lose it and staggers around looking really sick telling his cameraman to stop laughing because – “It’s not funny ok !? It feels so damn weird, oh god” While the people from the tribe just walked around smiling. It was the absolute peak in television history and it will never happen again.
2. Conan O’Brien visits Finland
It’s impossible to pick just one moment from Late Night and the short-lived Tonight show. But the time when Conan went to finland has to count as one of the absolute best Conan moments.  Also the last week of Late Night was great, when Conan destroyed a new piece of the studio every day. I loved both shows and I watched them every day. It’s something I really miss and I can’t wait for Conan to get back on TV. I think I saw every episode of his Tonight Show, and surely a whole lot of the Late Night ones.
3. The interview
A television program for kids had arranged an interview for kids to ask two rappers questions about downloading music for free. What could have been another boring interview with greedy artists turned out to be something awesome. The first kid who entered asked the obviously staged first question “What do you think about the fact that millions of people are downloading music illegally ?” The answer from one of the rappers was that “You shouldn’t care about what’s legal and not legal, it’s often more important what’s socially accepted – like having sex with animals is not illegal but it isn’t socially accepted”. But the greatness didn’t stop there. They continued to talk about that struggling artists should get money from stealing bikes and selling them. The perfect interview.

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