I’m having an intense hangover from yesterday. My head pounds every time I move it, I’ve managed to get sick, I have no money left and I’m bleeding. What the fuck.
On top of everything I’m at work, and I’ve been here the whole day and I’ll be here until midnight. Fuck me this is horrible.  I can’t really remember much from last night. Although I have made 23 phone calls, of which I remember one. But I can’t really remember what I said and it’s probably for the best that I don’t. I do remember playing Blackjack and drinking rum, and then I yelled at someone. But the rest is blurry. The thing is that I knew I was going to work today but since I didn’t get any day off this weekend either I felt that I deserved to get drunk and have some fun.
But it wasn’t until somewhere between waking up and throwing up at work that I realised just how fucked I was.
Why is the rum gone , brother ?

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